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A straight up offer from one of South Africa's top financial analysts and small cap experts, Francois Joubert:

"Let Me Pinpoint the Fast Moving SA Small Caps that Could Make You 200% or More...

And share everything you need to potentially profit from them directly with you each week"

My name is Francois Joubert.

And today I'd like to make you a very simple proposal.

I'd like to offer you the chance to get in early on some of the fastest moving shares listed in South Africa today...

Shares with such extreme potential they can shoot up by 200%... 300% or even 500% in as little as two years if they are successful.

Quite simply, I'd like to help put you in the running for the kind of profits most investors never even get a whiff of!

Before I show you how - let me quickly tell you a bit about myself, and why I'm so comfortable making you this offer...

I'm the editor of South Africa's leading small-cap advisory service, Red Hot Penny Shares.

I started my career consulting in the mining and engineering industry, before moving, I became attracted to the profit potential of the stock market - and small cap shares in particular.

Now I spend my time showing regular South African investors how to make the most of their hard-earned money, by hunting down and anticipating little-known stock stories about small, speculative companies:

I love the small-cap sector because it's the only place on the market where you can turn a small stake into truly life-changing amounts of money.

Since 2008 I've helped readers of my Red Hot Penny Shares newsletter make some big gains like 207%, 215% and even 221%.

And today, I'd like to offer YOU the chance to profit from my expertise.

In fact, I'd like to share every opportunity in my small cap portfolio directly with you,for the next 90 days, with no obligation on your part. 

Quite simply, I'd like to give you the chance to see just how much money you could make from the exciting world of SA small caps.

Because let me tell you...


When these kinds of stocks take off, the returns can be outstanding

Using my expertise in finance (backed up by decades of experience) I help a group of like-minded investors get ahead with some of the most exciting investment opportunities out there.

Right now, this very same group of profit seekers is privy to some fantastic small cap stories...

And I'd like to give you the chance to join them...

Week in, week out, I aim to use my experience to move in early on all kinds of opportunities: mergers, acquisitions, profit announcements, oil discoveries, biotech breakthroughs - you name it!

Then locate the tiny companies at the heart of these potentially EXPLOSIVE stock stories - and share the details directly with you.

I'm happy to offer you the details right away.

Because I'm confident...  

You could be banking some serious profits within a few months... even weeks... (and sometimes even overnight!)

Look. In my opinion small caps and penny shares are the ONLY way to make BIG money on the stock market...

That's why I'd like to send you full details of all my latest small cap recommendations. In fact, I'd like to let you in on a whole series of carefully researched small cap opportunities that could make you gains of 200%... 300%... even 500%.

In return I'd like you to try out my small-cap advisory service, Red Hot Penny Shares.

I spend a huge amount of time meeting and interviewing company executives, crunching numbers, attending conferences – all with the aim of finding small cap shares with the potential to make big money.

But instead of investing in these shares on behalf of a fund...

I share their details directly with private investors – through Red Hot Penny Shares

In this monthly newsletter, I hold nothing back. I explain exactly which shares I think are set to make big money, provide all my research, and outline the risks – right down to the ticker symbol you need to buy them. It's a fantastic way you to discover which small cap opportunities have the most potential.

When I tip a share, it enters the Red Hot portfolio – complete with a specific 'buy up to' price. I then track its performance. And I let you know exactly when I think it's time to get out.

Put simply, I think Red Hot Penny Shares could have a huge impact on your investments. 

But I'd like to show you first hand just what a valuable resource it could be for you, by giving you the chance to try the next 90 days' worth of Red Hot research with absolutely no obligation.

And when I say try I mean just that. You'll have a full 90 days to decide if this is right for you.

I want you to be delighted with the recommendations you receive from me. So I'm happy to let you review Red Hot Penny Shares for three months – and offer you a full refund at any point if you're not happy.

Obviously I believe this is the single best small-cap service out there, but then I would. I run it.

However, don't just take my word for it:

"I'm delighted with the advice and information I receive from red hot penny shares which grew my portfolio by 30% in 3 months. The information they provide on shares are accurate and well researched. - A, Cape Town

"I’ve grown R10,000 into R100,000 in 8 months” – Ziaad Adam (34)

"As a member of you I followed your advice on purchasing gold and made about 30% in 6 months.  Thank you for that". - Steven Write

I want you to have the same kind of investment success as Ziaad Adam and Steven Write. There's just one thing I need to run by you before I can let you take advantage of this...

  Become a member of Red Hot Penny Shares today!

"I will never tip a stock unless I'm confident it could double your money or more" 


I'm sorry if I'm preaching to the converted here, but I'd like to raise an important issue here:

If you're the kind of person who feels sick at the thought of making even a small loss, or you don't have a bit of spare capital you can afford to lose…

You shouldn't really be investing in shares. Full stop. You'd be better off putting your money in a bank account and collecting a guaranteed 2% - or whatever it is your bank offers.

All shares carry risk. That's true of huge 'Blue Chip' shares like SAB, emerging market shares, small caps – the lot. (Again, sorry if I'm telling you stuff you already know, but I need to be clear.)

And the shares I recommend are riskier than 'Blue Chips' – that's the whole point.

To me that's the only way you make high returns. High risk, high reward. That's at the centre of the Red Hot Penny Shares philosophy.

Again, that's part of the trade-off – it's what creates the opportunity to buy into businesses with great potential at lower prices.

I don't even bother recommending a stock unless I'm confident of a sizeable return within two years. That's what this kind of investing is all about.

Still not convinced?

Why not try 'paper trading' my recommendations? That means you don't buy them with real money – you just watch them to see how they perform, to make sure you're comfortable.

I think paper trading is a great way of getting started. It means you cannot lose any money.

And coupled with the fact you can get a full refund on Red Hot Penny Shares any time in the first 90 days... it means you literally cannot lose.

Paper trading this way means there is zero risk to you.

Let me quickly show you what you'll get when you join.

  Become a member of Red Hot Penny Shares today!

Here's what you'll get when you join me

Let's keep this simple:

Claim your 90-day no obligation subscription of Red Hot Penny Shares by clicking on the link at the end of this letter.

Within minutes I'll send you a private password so you can access the very latest issue, my portfolio of 20+ growth stocks.

I'll also send you a detailed report on all the risks you should know about when investing in these types of stocks.

Then, I'll send you the following:

As I've said, the good news is you can try Red Hot Penny Shares without committing a single cent.

  Become a member of Red Hot Penny Shares today!

fantastic offer when you join me today

The official fee is R1,272 per year.

Let me put that into context for you: I know some fund managers who charge that for TEN MINUTES consultancy.

But just to sweeten the deal, I'd like to offer you a first year discount on that official price. (Bringing the price down to less than R16 a week).

And don't forget you'll have a full 90 days to decide if this is for you.

Even if you decide you don't want to stay on, you can keep everything I've sent you – that's 20+ thoroughly researched small cap opportunities to double your money!

Oh, and I should mention, there are a couple of other very useful things you'll get free when you take a trial today:

FREE subscription to the MoneyMorning e-letter… One of our most popular broadcasts among subscribers. In it, we give a fast-paced analysis of the markets.

FREE Guide #1: The Hottest Shares to Start your PowA! Portfolio report… These three shares are set to rocket in the next 6, 9 or 12 months.

FREE Guide #2: How to Make Money in the Exciting World of Penny Shares report… Everything you need to know about investing in penny shares.

FREE Guide #3:The Investor’s Toolkit… With this report – you'll quickly grasp the tools for evaluating any share – including PE ratios, earnings yield, net asset value, cash flow, and more.

These three guide books will follow in the post within 30 days of you taking up your trial.

And keep in mind:

You'll get access to every potential-packed stock in my small cap portfolio.

At absolutely no obligation for you to stay on.

I really don't think you have anything to lose by taking up my offer...

Click the order button below to join me now

  Become a member of Red Hot Penny Shares today!

It's your call.

Until next time,

Francois Joubert,
Editor, Red Hot Penny Shares

PS: Remember, your subscription is 100% REFUNDABLE on a pro-rata basis for the first 3 months. That gives you complete freedom to test the power of my recommendations before you commit any money. Simply click the "Yes, I Want to Order" link, review everything you'll receive on the next page and then start your trial.

SIGN UP TODAY to get your latest issue of Red Hot Penny Shares immediately. It could be the most profitable thing you ever do!

P.P.S: More from our current readers of Red Hot Penny Shares...

"My portfolio, based almost entirely on Red Hot Penny Shares recommendations, is still in the money and keeping ahead of SA inflation! Well done, and please keep up the stimulating editorials and excellent publication quality."
-Peter Chadwick, Zimbabwe
“Red Hot Penny Shares is fantastic and has been of enormous value to me as a small investor. It is full of relevant info and gives very good recommendations of investment opportunities.”
- BH.
“Without it I would not have the courage to invest. RHP gives me the confidence to know the companies I invest in have been well researched – something I would not know how to do on my own.”
- Lynne Cornfield, Johannesburg.

Start your no-obligation membership to Red Hot Penny Shares – now!

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Yes! I’m ready to take control of my financial destiny and get started investing in the exciting and highly profitable world of penny shares so I can make big money from small stocks in 12 months or less!

Sign me up for Red Hot Penny Shares now so I can start making huge rewards, and email me the The Hottest Shares to start my PowA! Portfolio report right away. 

As a new member, I will receive:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of Red Hot Penny SharesEach issue contains at least two new ready-to-soar penny stock recommendations.

  • The Red Hot Update: Every Tuesday, Investment Strategist, Francois Joubert, issues his e-letter, featuring in-depth analysis and important updates on existing share positions.   

  • The Red Hot Mailbag: Every week, Francois answers questions related to the shares in the Red Hot portfolio - And, for the record, he'll even answer the tough ones.

  • Urgent Buy and Sell Alerts: Sent via email when warranted so you never miss out on an urgent share update again!

  • MoneyMorningStraight to your inbox every day,MoneyMorning is packed with fast-paced analysis of the markets and challenge markets most widely accepted wisdom. We also expose the profit trends that others simply don't have the experience to detect (or the courage to broadcast).

Plus I'll get three FREE reports...

  • Special Report #1: The Hottest Shares to Start Your Million Rand  Portfolio

  • Special Report #2: How to make money in the exciting world of penny shares

  • Special Report #3: The Investor’s Toolkit: Everything you’ll ever need to know about the stock market

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